Akira NAGASAWA Exhibition
12 Apr - 1 May

Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday, 11am-7pm final day -to 5pm
Closed on Sundays & National holidays

Akira NAGASAWA Exhibition  1st floorAkira NAGASAWA Exhibition  2nd floorAkira NAGASAWA Exhibition  2nd floorAncient Tiger[Ancient Tiger]
2010 cheesecloth panel, mineral pigments, earth, plaster 1825×2760mm

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Biography of Akira NAGASAWA
1967 Born in Niigata Prefecture
1994 M.F.A., in Japanese Painting of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music
2003- Professor of Tohoku University of Art & Design

[Selected Solo Exhibitions]
2010 Galleria Grafica Tokio, Tokyo ['08, '06, '04, '01, '99, '97]
2008 Gallery Hirawata, Kanagawa ['06, '03, '01]
2005 "Akira Nagasawa 2000-2004", Sakyukan Gallery, Niigata
Kaede Gallery, Niigata ['02]
2002 Toyosaka Museum, Niigata
1999 Galleria Grafica Tokio & Gallery Muramatsu, Tokyo
1994 galleria grafica bis, Tokyo

[Selected Group Exhibitions]
2010 “Present of Japanese Painting”, Ome Municipal Museum of Art, Tokyo
“META II Exhibition”, Kanagawa Prefectural Gallery
“META X 2010”, Takahimaya Art Gallery X, Tokyo
“Shine of Life”, Tenshin Memorial Museum of Art, Ibaraki
Art Taipei 2010, Taiwan
"Current of Beauty The 20th Anniversary Exhibition the Gotoh Memorial Foundation", Bunkamura The Museum, Tokyo
2009 “HEAVY META II”, Tohoku University of Art & Design, Yamagata
CIGE 2009(China International Gallery Exposition 2009), Beijing, China
SCOPE ART ASIA Basel 09, Basel, Switzerland
2008 Special Exhibition of the 16th Mokichi Okada Award
"The 4th Nikkei Japanese Painting Grand Prix Exhibition" New Otani Art Museum, Tokyo
Tokyo Contemporary Art Fair 2008, Tobi Art Forum(Tokyo Bijyutsu Club), Tokyo
2007 "26th Outstanding Rising Artists Exhibition in 2007", Seiji Togo Memorial Sompo Japan Museum of Art, Tokyo
2006 MOT Annual 2006 - No Border, Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo
Exhibition of Seven Contemporary Artists, Galleria Grafica, Tokyo
Nikkei Nihonga Grand Prize Exhibition, New Otani Art Museum, Tokyo
2005 "The Vision of Contemporary Art 2005", The Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo
"META II Exhibition", Kanagawa Prefectural Gallery
"Commemorative Exhibition of 15th Anniversary of the Gotoh Memorial Foundation", Bunkamura Gallery, Tokyo
2004 "100 Artists of Niigata: Arts of Niigata 2004", The Niigata Bandaijima Art Museum
"Heisei 15 and 16 Agency for Cultural Affairs Purchased Excellent Artwork Exhibition", The Japan Art Academy, Tokyo
2001 "Kanagawa Art Annual 2001", Kanagawa Prefectural Gallery
"META Exhibition", Nihonbashi Maruzen Gallery ['02]
"BOX ART 2001-2002", Rias Ark Museum of Art, Miyagi; Niigata City Art Museum;
The World Children's Art Museum in Okazaki; Shizuoka ART Gallery and The Museum of Art, Kochi
2000 "Commemorative Exhibition of 10th Anniversary of the Gotoh Memorial Foundation", Bunkamura Gallery, Tokyo
1997 "14th Yamatane Art Museum Award", Recommended Paticipation, Yamatane Museum of Art, Tokyo
"The 5th International Contemporary Art Festival 1997 Tokyo" Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo
1996 "16th Tenri Biennale", Tenrikyo Doyusha Gallery, Tenri; Osaka Municipal Museum of Art; Hoku Topia, Tokyo and Fukuoka Prefectural Museum of Art
"The 14th Ueno Royal Museum Grand Prize Exhibition" The Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo
1994 "The 5th Kashiwa City Cultural Forum 104 Grand Prize Exhibition" Kashiwa City Cultural Forum 104, Chiba

[Awards and others]
2008 Special Exhibition of the 16th Mokichi Okada Award (Award of Excellence)
2004 Painting purchased by the Agency for Cultural Affairs
1997 The Most Promising Young Talent Scholarship in Fine Arts of Gotoh Memorial Foundation (followed by the scholarship of one year studying in London.)
1994 The TAMON Prize at "5th Kashiwa City Cultural Forum 104 Contest (followed by the scholarship of half a year studying in New York.)

[Public Collection]
MOA Museum of Art / The Niigata Prefectural Museum of Modern Art / The Niigata Bandaijima Art Museum / Toyosaka Museum, Niigata / Agency for Cultural Affairs