# Not Banksy Ban cat sign Heartbreak
Three Eyed Girl-Rose Bluebird-Homer Rabbit-cat
ON-back Blurred Pooh=san 3 5:54
Replace Campbell's-Dot Sunbathing
Smoking Cow Double Banana Rubber duck hair
BANG! PEP.SI A moon that cannot flying
プーさん Jimi Hendrix eyes
CHANEL 月に蝙蝠 Christopher Robin
LOVE taxi smoking Pooh
Perfume Mickey Mouse FUCK
Romantic flight Marilyn Pleasant place
Pierrot Cyclops A Gaudily Worman
Biography of LOOTone
1969 Born in Ishikawa Prefecture
[Exhibiions and others]
2018 Solo Exhibition, Galleria Grafica Tokio, Tokyo
2017 Art Taipei 2017, Taiwan
2014 Asia Contemporary Art Show, Hong Kong
2013 Art Taipei 2013, Taiwan
  Solo Exhibition, "Uncomfortable joke", Gallria Grafica Tokio, Tokyo
2010 Art Taipei 2010 , Taiwan
2009 Tokyo Contemporary Art Fair 2009, Tobi Art Forum(Tokyo Bijyutsu Club), Tokyo
Solo Exhibition, Galleria Grafica Tokio, Tokyo
2006 Live Painting at "TATTOO SUMMIT vol.7", Aichi
2005 Appeared on Fuji TV programme "NONFIX Street Panting"
2004 Solo Exhibition, Bar "Julep", Ikebukuro, Tokyo
27th Hakua Group Exhibition, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo
2003 Solo Exhibition, Bar "Julep", Ikebukuro, Tokyo
Live Painting at "Shizuoka Street Festival", Shizuoka (after this, invited every year)
2002 Painted a car at "COOL@JAPAN 2002", Hong Kong
2001 Active as a cooperate designer for "DOARAT" (Fashion brand)