24 Sep - 6 Oct

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Kaori Watanabe ExhibitionKaori Watanabe ExhibitionKaori Watanabe Exhibition
〈summer afternoon-Jardin botanique de Montréal〉 2012 oli on canvas 1620×1303mm

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Biography of Kaori WATANABE
1962 Born in Kanagawa
1986 Graduated from Department of Oil Painting, Tama Art University
1988 Finished the Postgraduate Course at Tama Art University
1989 Went to Italy as an Italy Governmental Stipendiary
1993 Graduated from Department of Painting, Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze
2008-2009 Stayed in Greece by the Japanese Government Overseas Study Program for Artists
[Solo Exhibitions]
2010 Kaori WATANABE Exhibition -Recent Works, Galleria Grafica Tokio, Tokyo
2009 BEYOND ART GALLERY, Athens, Greece
2008 Kaori WATANABE Exhibition, Galleria Grafica Tokio, Tokyo
2007 [-Libera me Libera me-] Galleria Grafica Tokio, Tokyo
2004 [Meat Eater's Dining Room] Galleria Grafica Tokio, Tokyo
2002 [City on the City City under the City] Galleria Grafica Tokio, Tokyo
2000 [Painting Re-woven] galleria grafica bis, Tokyo
2000 Art Gallery II, ART G, Gallery Lime, Gunma
1999 galleria grafica bis, Tokyo
1995 galleria grafica bis, Tokyo
1994 Tanishima Gallery, Tokyo
1988 Kobayashi Gallery, Tokyo
1986 Gallery Natsuka, Tokyo
1985 G.Art Gallery, Tokyo
[Group Exhibitions]
2011 “VARIA” Nagoya Art Fair 2011, Matsuzakaya Nagoya, Aichi
  Art Taipei 2011, Taiwan
2010 Art Taipei 2010, Taiwan
2009 Tokyo Contemporary Art Fair 2009, Tokyo Bijyutsu Club, Tokyo
2008 Art Taipei 2008, Taiwan
Tokyo Contemporary Art Fair 2008, Tokyo Bijyutsu Club, Tokyo
2007 Tokyo Contemporary Art Fair 2007, Tokyo Bijyutsu Club, Tokyo
2006 Exhibition of Seven Contemporary Artists Galleria Grafica, Tokyo
1997 [Exhibition by Kaori Watanabe & Tadafumi Kobachi] galleria grafica bis, Tokyo
1996 ['96 Annual Show] galleria grafica bis, Tokyo
1993 Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze, Firenze, Italy
1991 Accademia d'Arte Dino Scalabrino (Centro Miro) Montecatini Terme, Italy
Galleria Spazio Uno, Firenze, Italy
1987 [Workshop of expression] Kaminoge Campus of Tama Art University, Tokyo
[Metamorphotion I] Kanagawa Prefectural Gallery, Kanagawa
1986 [Workshop of expression] Kaminoge Campus of Tama Art University, Tokyo
1984 [Luxurious Reflection] Gallery Parergon II, Tokyo