Dolls It's drizzing Blue
Mr. D Selfie Kowloon
Buddy Five colors Electrical Honey
Albino I want you to look back me Looking at the ceiling unknown to me
Polka dots Yujo-harlot Goldfish Princess
Salome Moon-viewing I want to comb your hair
Can't sleep Little Red Riding Hood with heavy head Whispering
night vision Lost Myself mirror
Situation of the Youngest Child Twins Mandrake
Biography of Mao NAKADA
1981 Born in Shizuoka
2004 Graduated from Nagoya University of Arts, Oil Painting Course
2006 Completed the Master program, Tama Art University
[Solo Exhibitions]
2018 Galleria Grafica Tokio, Tokyo
2016 Galleria Grafica Tokio, Tokyo
2014 Galleria Grafica Tokio, Tokyo
2012 Galleria Grafica Tokio, Tokyo
2011 Galleria Grafica Tokio, Tokyo
2010 galleria grafica bis, Tokyo
2009 galleria grafica bis, Tokyo
2008 galleria grafica bis, Tokyo
[Grouop Exhibitions]
2015 Art Taipei 2015, Taiwan
2014 Asia Contemporary Art Show, Hong Kong
2013 Hong Kong Contemporary 13, Hong Kong
2011 Daegu Art Fair, Korea
  “VARIA” Nagoya Art Fair 2011, Matsuzakaya Nagoya, Aichi
  Art Taipei 2011, Taiwan
2010 Art Taipei 2010, Taiwan
2009 Tokyo Contemporary Art Fair 2009, Tobi Art Forum(Tokyo Bijyutsu Club), Tokyo
2008 Kochi International Triennial Exhibition of Prints
"7seasons -Woodblock Prints by 7Artists", Gallery Seira, Tokyo ['07]
2007 "Contemporary Artist 4" Zainul Gallery, Bangladesh
Shizuoka Prefecture Print Grand Prix Competition Exhibition, Prefectural Prize
The 8th International Illustration Competition, Tokyo
Aomori International Triennial Exhibition of Prints in 2007
2006 Hamamatsu Municipal Museum of Art Printing Grand Prix Exhibition
"Takako ISHIKAWA and Mao NAKADA", galleria grafica bis, Tokyo
"5 Art Universities in Tokyo Print Exhibition by 10 Artists Vol.1", Gallery Goto, Tokyo
Shizuoka Prefecture Art Festival Exhibition, Supporter prize
2005 The Kanuma Municipal Art Museum of Kawakami Sumio Woodblock Prints Grand Prix Exhibition
Hida - Takayama Contemporary Woodblock-Prints Biennale Exhibition
The YAMAMOTO Kanae Print Grand Prix Competition Exhibition
2004 "K-109 Exhibition" Purchase Prize, Nagoya Citizen Gallery Yada, Aichi