Takushi HIBINO

A sun shower I had a dream flying in the sky middy moon
before dawn spica a pair
sunlight filtering through trees wild dance expect
sunset White cloud time to stop
Moon dance in the morning sky I 02 Moon dance in the morning sky II
The next wourld Dance step 06
Iceman sora Sky of dawn
Biography of Takushi HIBINO
1981 Born in Gifu
2008 Graduated from Master’s Degree Course from Tama Art University
[Solo Exhibition]
2016 galleria grafica bis, Tokyo
2014 "desire strongly or persistently" galleria grafica bis, Tokyo
2013 "The moon dances in the sky of the dawn", galleria grafica bis, Tokyo
2012 Kawabe art, Tokyo
2011 galleria grafica bis, Tokyo
2009 Olive eye Gallery, Tokyo
  Nabisu Gallery, Tokyo
  "The moon is rising in the east", KEY Gallery, Tokyo
[Group Exhibitions]

「Takushi Hibino & Hisako Matsumoto Exhibition -Fascinated by crocodile-」,
 Daikanyama T-site Anjin, Tokyo

2016 “Young Artists Exhibition”, Galleria Grafica Tokio, Tokyo
2015 Art Taipei 2015, Taiwan
2014 Asia Contemporary Art Show, Hong Kong
2013 “Small Works 2013”, Galleria Grafica Tokio, Tokyo
  “4th From grain of rice”, Yamanekoken, Saitama
2012 “2nd Meeting of Hope”, Kawabe Art, Tokyo
2011 “The 7th act” Exhibition, Akibatamabi21, Tokyo
  “1st Meeting of Hope”, Kawabe Art, Tokyo
  “2nd From grain of rice”, Yamanekoken, Saitama
2010 “1st From grain of rice”, Yamanekoken, Saitama
2009 "※come2" Exhibition, Fujiya Gallery, Tokyo
  Futaba Fresh Artists Exhibition, Futaba Gallery, Tokyo
2008 "Meeting" - creatures of the olive -, Olive eye Gallery, Tokyo
  "CAAF2008/24+6", CREARE Aoyama Art Forum Studio, Tokyo
  "±point", Galeria Certe, Kanagawa
2006-2008 "e-mit", Surugadai Gallery, Tokyo
2006-2007 "Aquarium", Art Front Gallery, Tokyo
2006 "Colorless and transparent"Exhibition, Ginza Koushin Gallery, Tokyo
[Awards and others]
2013 “D Art Biennale”Exhibition, Daitec Sakae Hall, Aichi
2010 Associate Grand Award at “Art Award • Next#1”, Tokyo Bijyutsu club, Tokyo
2009 “The 27th Ueno Royal Museum Grand Prize Exhibition”,
 The Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo
2008 Toyohashi Triennale, Toyosaka City Museum of Art and History, Aichi